Using electricity outdoors

Using electricity outdoors

Using electrical appliances outdoors can be dangerous,
so make sure you do the following.

Pay attention to the manufacturer's safety instructions when using electrical appliances outdoors.
Never have bare feet or wear thongs as this increases your chances of receiving an electric shock.
When using electric lawn mowers, trimmers and power tools they must be supplied from an earthed power point and extension cord.
It's best to use a power point protected by a fixed or portable safety switch.
Never touch an electric trimmer or mower that has a damaged power cord.
Switch it off immediately at the power point, disconnect the appliance and have the cord repaired.
Never leave electrical appliances and cords outdoors where they are exposed to rain and sprinklers.
Never use makeshift wiring for pool pumps and spas to operate gardening power tools.
Never handle wiring that is showing signs of damage or wear. Contact a licensed electrician to have the wiring replaced.
Never place metal ladders or other metal objects on power or extension cords as they may cut through the cord's electrical insulation.
Be careful when changing light globes — never use a metal ladder or steps. If you touch a live conductor while standing on a metal ladder step you may be in electrical contact with the ground, and could get an electric shock. Ensure that the electricity supply for the lights is switched off at the switchboard.
Ensure that supply cords to caravans are in good condition — 3 to 15 meter’s in length, rated at 15 amps, and plugged into an earthed, safety-switch protected socket outlet.


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