Portable electric heaters

Portable electric heaters

When using portable electric heaters it is important to follow these steps.

1. Portable electric heaters are a fire hazard if used carelessly.
   Always keep heaters at least 1.5 meters away from materials that can burn.

2. Don't operate portable heaters in confined places where flammable liquids are
   stored or kept in open containers.

3. Don't use portable heaters on damp floors such as bathrooms and laundries.

 4. Keep heater grilles and vents or reflectors angled upwards from floor overhang
   and free from dust to improve efficiency and reduce overheating. Vacuum
   your portable heater's intakes and vents before and after each winter

5. Check that the heater cord and plug are not damaged.
   If you have any doubts, have them checked by an appliance repair
   center or an electric

6. Connect portable heaters directly to a power
   point instead of via a double adaptor or long extension cord. an.

7. When using a short extension cord to connect a portable heater ensure the
   cord is fully unwound to ensure that excessive heat build-up does not occur in
   the cord. Do not use light duty extension cords.

8. Always supervise children near electric heaters


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