Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights

Choose the right lighting
To install lights properly and safely you should read the manufacturer's instructions to check if lights are weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. Safer outdoor lights have an approved transformer that converts 240 volts to an extra-low voltage supply. There are four types of extra-low voltage lighting systems available: light sculptures, rope, fairy and bud lighting.
Always have approved outdoor 240-volt lights, including festoon lights, and exterior power points for lighting transformers installed by a licensed electrician if they are to be a permanent or long-term festive lighting system.

Check bulbs and tubing
Before hanging lights, lay them on the floor to check for damaged and loose or missing bulbs. Turn off the power and unplug the power cord before replacing bulbs with new ones of the same type and wattage. To avoid the risk of overheating, never turn on lamps that are still packaged or stored in a box.

Installing outdoor lighting
Keep extension cords off the ground to avoid damage or a trip hazard. Attach cords and lighting strings or sets to existing fixtures with appropriate tape, electrical cable ties, clips or clamps. Never use nails. Cords should be suspended at 2.5 metres above the ground. Cord lengths greater than 10 metres should be avoided. Use approved plugs and cord extension sockets. Do not pass cords through door openings.

Prevent danger
Ensure individual power points are not overloaded. For more than two cord plugs use a suitable adaptor board instead of a double adaptor. Keep all electrical connections out of areas that may become wet due to watering or extreme weather conditions. Where there is not a permanently installed safety switch, use a portable type at the power point.

  To avoid an electric shock:
* never modify lighting outlets, plugs or cords
* do not under any circumstances use an extension cord that has a three-pin or piggy-back plug at each end
* never replace fuse wire or plug-in circuit breakers with larger sizes.
   Keep combustible material such as paper and plastic and structural metalwork 150mm away from bulbs.


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